Creative Interior Space during Quarantine

Creative Interior Space during Quarantine

The beauty of this age is that we have several interior designers and interior design agencies that have skilfully put together content on a variety of interior design styles to suit your liking-be it modern, contemporary, minimalist, industrial, traditional, Coastal, etc.  Almost everyone loves creative interior at their home, work, school, colleges, dine, etc. The main aim of the blog is to stand in the creative gap for clients by inspiring availing them with the best shopping guides, expert advice.

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The downtime might have kept us socially distanced and home-bound for several weeks. But, did you know that cleaning and rearranging your home could be a coping mechanism? You can use this opportunity to transform your home with some cool interior design projects!

Transform your bookshelf into a stylish arrangement of books, artwork and collectables. Start by emptying the bookshelf, and sorting out everything you want in it. The people who doesn’t use mobile device share your books with them.

Repaint your walls with any leftover paint you may have. If you want it to be more adventurous, give it a distressed look and add a few decoupage elements on them. Change your wall décor; switch the artworks from a gallery wall in your living room. Dig out some of the old black and white photos and mount them in spare photo frames. Mounting quirky pieces like your favorite guitar and make lighting which have a collection of square prints and retro prints.

Now’s the time to deep clean all the corners, and declutter your home. If you’d been eyeing any dirty corners, lampshades, curtains, rusted appliances, dusty carpets, or dirty outdoor furniture, now’s the time to clean them up. And, simply donate what you don’t use to the needy.

Make your home feel less overwhelmed with lesser plastic bottles, old cartons, newspapers, medicine bottles, and so on! Re-organize all your wardrobes and closed shelves. Your kitchen shelves would also love a re-arrangement with labelled containers, spices sorted out, and so on.

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