How to Improve Your English Vocabulary

There are many reasons why people from all over the world might need to improve their English: for business, for pleasure or because they have gone to live in an English speaking country. Improve English and Prep for GRE, IELTS, SAT and other exams. More than 1000 English words with meaning and two examples on how to use it along with phonetics. Master your vocab one word a day and mark your favourite words. Learning English is what people do when they want to use the English language. In language learning, we often talk about language skills and language systems. Language skills include: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Language systems include vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

Daily practice can improve your English pronunciation. Use flashcards to help yourself learn individual words. Imitate videos and recordings to learn intonation and rhythm. Word of the day: Learn English, Improve English is the best free App to learn English, one word a day. No Stress of learning. The idea behind this app is very simple. Learn new English word daily and do your best to use that daily word in your conversations. Until and unless you use that daily English word in your conversation, you cannot improve your command over the language.

Luckily, you can use the same five skills to improve your English vocabulary as you did when learning your first language: reading, listening, writing, watching, and conversing. Having a great English vocabulary doesn’t just mean that you can understand lots of words and phrases: it also means that you can use these words and phrases and that you can remember them when you need them. Most activities work best if a) you have a good dictionary and b) you keep a vocabulary notebook. Most important if you have an app; to improve your vocabulary and learn a new word a day you can download the Word of the day: Learn English, Improve English.

Word of the day: Learn English app has three levels:-

– Basic
– Medium
– Advance

you can change the words level anytime. Many users are using this app to learn advance English words only. It has audio pronunciation of the word as well. One can easily swipe and check past words and refresh one’s memory. You can share the word and its meaning with others as well very easily. Speak English fluently and learn English basic words power.

Helpful for Students

Students preparing for their TOEFL, GRE, IELTS, TOEIC, SAT, ASVAB, PTE or ACT like tests will benefit tremendously in their education. If you check our reviews on play stores it does look like lots of students are benefiting immensely using this app’s help. Daily vocabulary words app has a very high retention ratio of amongst students. Best tutor was at work while carefully selecting important English vocabulary words. Through timely notification you are alerted about the Word of the day.

In summary, it will help working professionals, managers, sales executive and college/university students. Basically all those who want to improve English for personal or professional reasons. There are techniques you can use to improve your spoken English

Surround yourself with English speakers:

If you have a few friends who are great at speaking English, hang out with them! Find a tutor to do some one-on-one with. Do a language exchange, where you can teach them your language and they can teach you theirs. Immerse yourself in it as much as you can!

Speak, speak, and speak:

Take advantage of the thousands of native speakers in your immediate community, such as your friends, their families, your co-workers, classmates, employees at the coffee shops, supermarket, post-office and other places you visit.

Listen and read:

When listening and reading, find new and interesting expressions, slang terms and synonyms, write down this new material and look up anything you’re not familiar with.

An English word a day:

Choose a new word or phrase from your notebook, app and try to use it as often as possible in one day. Think of situations where you would need to use it, and write down a couple of example sentences. Go back to this word or phrase after a week, to make sure you still remember it.

One word at a time:

When you read a page of a book or newspaper, decide you will only look up one word in a dictionary. When you write it down in your notebook, Word of the day: Learn English app one new word a day is offline application, no internet required.

Have fun:

Let’s face it. It’s far easier to learn something new when you’re having fun. Inject silliness into your speaking practice by talking to yourself when you’re alone, singing along with popular songs in English, doing tongue twisters. Great practice and great, silly fun.


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