Personal Development in Lockdown

Personal Development in Downtime

In the last couple weeks, most of us have been thrown into a brave new world of social distancing, self-isolation. And while it’s important to do what we can to maintain our mental health in times of downtime. I believe we can do better than just maintain. I believe we can use this time and these challenging circumstances to grow and become better.

For working professionals who are used to the hustle-bustle of work-life, living under a mandated downtime can have a significant impact on their psyche. Several organizations are encouraging their workforce to start learning digitally and take courses that enhance their functional expertise. Professionals who struggled developing their soft skills, also known as power skills, while dealing with deadlines and office work can now learn combination of soft skills and apply them in real time as they work remotely. 

Productive in a sense, that one can always do something to achieve a better self. And this is the perfect time to develop your personality, clean your thoughts and make a better version of yourself.

Make exercise challenge with yourself or with friends:

One of the coolest things I’ve seen online over the past couple weeks is people taking on creative exercises challenges. Open up YouTube channels and learn and do new exercise. Take videos, for posting on Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Make yourself enthusiast.

Take Interest in Reading Books:

Most of the people wish that they had time for reading. Due to downtime you now have sufficient time to finally dive into that list of books you’ve been meaning to get to. It’s an opportunity to establish a solid reading habit so that books become a bigger part of your live even after the downtime ends.

Well Organized:

If you’re an organized person, you keep your desk clean, keep your house neat and keep track what you need to accomplish and when. Having a good or solid structure. Organized people are extremely attuned to their thoughts. What you do and the habits you have are directly proportionate to whom you believe you are.

Skills to Improve:

This could be my opportunity! There are plenty of free video tutorials on YouTube which is more than enough to get me started. Think of all I could do with those new skills and abilities! Finding meaning in our learning is the key. If you try to force yourself to just memories random facts, you’re likely to forget them. In order to make your learning stick, it’s important to make real life connections and see how it fits in the larger scheme of things.

Making business plans for further opportunity:

In downtime people will be going through lots of ups and downs. Some of them will be dreaming to have their own business or if it’s an good hobby that generates some side-income business. But, now we are stuck at home with some time in your hands, why not really think about any idea of creating new business? If so, good — that means there’s demand! Next, think about what your unique selling point would be, your unique advantage, etc.

Sit down with a pen and paper and just list down things you’d love to do in your lifetime opportunity. Making the most of it like a true opportunist would certainly help us in the long run in tremendous ways.

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