Studying how to become an advanced English learning speaker!!!

Becoming an advanced speaker of the English language can be a very valuable skill and there are several ways you can improve your English speaking ability. A lot of people get to an intermediate level in English – and then stop. There are reasons for this, but it is hard to continue making progress when your English is already good. Listening to native English speakers can improve your understanding of the language as well as your accent and pronunciation. When you first start learning English, everything you learn is new. If you study consistently, you’ll make progress very quickly. Reading and writing in English can build your vocabulary which will improve your speaking ability. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes as they are part of the learning process. Soon enough, you’ll be speaking English confidently.

As you may already know, your English proficiency is a combination of your strengths in the four different skill areas, Reading, listening, writing and speaking. They are all very different skills, but we are going to help you with all of them! Word a day is the best free App to learn English, one word a day. No Stress of learning. The idea behind this app is very simple. Learn new English word daily and do your best to use that daily word in your conversations. Until and unless you use that daily English word in your conversation, you cannot improve your command over the language.

Pay attention to people when they speak English

Whenever you notice someone around you speaking English, try to understand what they’re saying. As you improve your English speaking ability, you’ll be better able to comprehend what people are saying when they’re speaking English to other people. Native English speakers can sometimes talk really quickly and be difficult to understand. Work to comprehend what they’re saying by paying close attention. Don’t be rude and eavesdrop on someone just because they’re speaking English, but listening to what they’re saying can help you build your English speaking ability.

Tune into radio stations that speak English and pay close attention to what people are saying and how they’re saying it so you can work to sound more natural when you speak. Listen radio to improve your comprehension English. In addition, listen to the songs that are sung in English so you can get better and understanding the language and learning the phrases people use. Download a radio application to your computer, smartphone, or tablet so you can listen to English radio stations even if you don’t have any playing in your area. Or simply download Word of the day app, which provide you audio pronunciation to improve your vocabulary.

Listen to audio pronunciation of the work. Learn how to speak that English word in correct way. Helpful for preparing for IELTS, GRE, SAT exams. Increase your vocabulary sitting at home. Best for students, home makers and working professional for whom English is not their first language. Word of the day: Learn English app has three levels:-


You can change the words level anytime. Many users are using this app to learn advance English words only. It has audio pronunciation of the word as well. One can easily swipe and checks past words and refresh one’s memory. You can share the word and its meaning with others as well very easily. Speak English fluently and learn English basic words power.

You will feel tremendous increase in your command and will appear much more confident and fluent while speaking. Quiz is another very attractive feature of this app. It will greatly improve your American English as well. At an intermediate level it can be very difficult to see exactly where you’re making progress – and that can be demotivating. Why continue to study when you are always stuck at the same level? But remember: you are making improvements (even small) that will help you on your journey to advanced level.

I see this all the time in people who speak very good English. They make the same mistakes again and again. Remember: when you know what your typical mistakes are, you can work on correcting them. At intermediate level, you won’t have thousands of these, but correcting even a few will make an immediate difference to your English. Here are some things that you can probably focus on:

Prepositions and verbs

Simple vs continuous form

Reading and Writing in English:

Write in English as often as you can to improve your understanding. Spend time writing essays or blog posts in English so you can practice your written English and improve your writing ability. Keep a journal that you can use to practice writing in English. Create a social media post or a blog entry in English so you can practice.

Read in English to improve your comprehension. 

Whether they’re works of fiction such as the Harry Potter series or non-fiction, such as news or academic articles, choose to read in English as often as you can. You will become better acquainted with the written rules of the language, which will help you speak English better. Remember, it is not about how fast you read. Take your time to make sure you understand the text. The more comfortable you are with speaking English, the more confident you’ll feel and sound. Being confident will keep you from being afraid to try using new words or phrases, which will help you become a better speaker. Communicate as much as possible using English.

Don’t be shy and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You will feel tremendous increase in your command and will appear much more confident and fluent while speaking. Quiz is another very attractive feature of this app. It will greatly improve your American English as well. Download Word of the Day app. Be confident and take every chance you have to use your English skills so you can practice and improve them.

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