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Sometimes you often wonder” How to build vocabulary?”


If your answer is “yes”

Achieve lots of confidence using our simple and interesting app called “Vocabulary Builder: Word a Day”.

learn one new English word a day. Every day you will get one new word, with meaning and examples of usage.

Learn new English word daily and do your best to use that word in your day today conversations.

You need to practice in a real-world swimming pool. Word power made easy and simple to build vocabulary.

Do you feel that you need to improve your English language?



Surprising Fact

Word a Day app has three levels of words: Basic / Medium / Hard. You can change the words levels anytime.

You can mark words as your favourite and browser through past words.

Vocabulary Builder: Word Power app has a very high retention ratio of amongst students.

Quiz will greatly improve your vocabulary and its 100% free to use.