Word of the Day Quiz Game

Word of the Day Quiz Game

Word quizzes and tests are one of the many ways that you can learn new words and expand and build your vocabulary.  With the huge growth of the internet, there are literally thousands of word quizzes and tests you will be able to find.  

The fantastic thing about the word quizzes and tests that you take on the internet is that they are interactive and therefore you can immediately see how you are doing and get feedback on your vocabulary skills, you can also set the level of the word tests and quizzes to suit your level of vocabulary skills.

If you like to keep an eye on how the English language is changing, you will have noticed that new words and phrases are coming into use at what seems like an ever-increasing rate.

Learning words is obviously essential for success on the GRE. But, if you learn words – whether from reading or from lists – you will need to quiz yourself as much as possible. One reason is that we are prone to complacency – you study words, and you feel that you more or less get them. But, can you actively recall them? That’s where the quiz comes in. So, before you take today’s quiz, I encourage you to read through the vocabulary blog posts – including the verbal practice questions – from the last few weeks. If you’ve already done so, then take a crack at the quiz, and see how you do.

At the same time, we’ve also heard one consistent request. Students will say, “The flashcards are great but I wish we had a way to quiz ourselves on what we just learned!” Well, wait no longer

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